Jul 30, 2011

The Most Beautiful Side Of Being With You

Do you know what the most beautiful side of being with you is?
To feel your heat which makes my palms sweat
even without touching your hand to mine.

Do you know what the worst side of being with you is? 
To chitchat for hours in vain everytime we speak
although the word "I love you" bites the tip of my tongue. 

Do you know what the most exciting side of being with you is?
To think about the same thing at the same time with you.
To cry and laugh together.
And to miss you crazily even when you're here...

Do you know what the most painful side of being with you is?
To share you with a lot of people who I never know.
And to be jealous kidly about everybody who stands by or talks to you.   

Do you know what the happiest side of being with you is?
To walk side by side on the roads
by worrying about facing with familiar people...
To get wet together in the rain just to spite the umbrella in my hand.
To wait for you with wild flowers in my hand...
To eat the same foods at the same places. 

Do you know what the most romantic side of being with you is?
To tell the stars and the moon the things which I can't tell you
in my nights without you.  
To find you in the pages of the book I read
and in every line of the songs and poems I listen to. 

Do you know what the most difficult side of being with you is?
To lock up my ineffable feelings which I experience for the first time
in a boat without shovels in the middle of the hope sea
because of fearing to lose you. 
To succeed keeping friends with you for years
instead of being lovers. 
To walk barefoot on the sharpest side of knife.
To compress my tears on my heart instead of salt
whenever it bleeds.

Do you know what the only side effect of being with you is?
How can you know?
You were never with me.
If you were, my hands wouldn't sweat...
I wouldn't bite the tip of my tongue...
I wouldn't miss you when you are near me. 
I wouldn't get jealous. 

I wouldn't be afraid of walking on the roads. 
I wouldn't get wet in the rains...
I wouldn't pour out my troubles to the stars and the moon.
I wouldn't get drunk like this in every song. 

I wouldn't be afraid of losing you. 
I would jump into the sea from the boat with my bleeding feet...
And I would shout out you in every stroke...

But you were never with me... 
Sometimes your mind was a long way off...
Sometimes your heart.

Written by CAN YÜCEL 
Translated by Sihirli Yazılar

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Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Sihirli:
As always your posts bring us into contact with poets and writers who might otherwise remain unknown to us. And for this we are so grateful.

We should, as in the case of Can Yúcel, be most interested to learn something to the background of the poet.

Carole Anne Carr said...

Very very beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Bu şiiri bana yazmış Can Baba:)

Alleged Author said...

This was great!

Sihirli Yazılar said...

Welome Jane and Lance... As my aim is to introduce you famous Turkish poets and their beautiful poems, I'm so happy to learn from your words that I've reached it.

This is a link where you can learn something about Can Yucel's background:
(If you can't coppy the address, pls look for as "can yücel wikipedia" at google.

Thanks indeed for your visit and nice comment. It's always been a pleasure for me to read your comments.

Sihirli Yazılar said...

Welcome Carole! How nice to read your comment again! And I'm pleased that you've liked the poem. Thanks.

Sihirli Yazılar said...

Gabi... Kimbilir kaç kişi kendini bulmuştur bu şiirde senin gibi. Bana kalırsa insan aklının ve kalbinin başka yerde olduğunu düşündüğü biriyle bu kadar ilgilenmemeli. Bu yoğun ilgisini aklı ve kalbi kendisinde olabilecek birine yöneltse daha iyi olur. Ama dışarıdan ahkam kesmek doğru olmaz tabii. Başıma gelmedi böyle şeyler, bilemem.

Sihirli Yazılar said...

Alleged Author, thanks indeed. I'm glad that you've liked the poem. Let's keep in touch:)

Angela Felsted said...

Ah, this is sad. So full of feeling.

Sihirli Yazılar said...

Angela... The poet has succesfully expressed his one sided love in this poem. Naturally, this is a poem full of feelings like disappointment and sadness. Thanks indeed.

Jyoti Joshi Mitter said...

it leaves a deep sigh and impact on the reader ! amazing depth ! loved it!

Sihirli Yazılar said...

It seems that this poem has been liked most by blogger buddies.
Welcome and thanks, Jyoti Joshi, for your visit and nice comment. Hope to see you here again.

Brenda Sills said...

What a powerful poem! So rich, deep, intriguing. Intensely wonderful to read. And the sad clown picture goes perfect with it!
I'm so glad you're following my blog - I love meeting people from other countries! don't have the opportunity to travel much so getting to know people like you is fantastic!

Sihirli Yazılar said...

Welcome Brenda!.. Thanks indeed for your kind words. Just like you, I don't travel much. Thanks God, I've made this English blog. So I've had a chance to meet a lot of nice foreign people like you. I hope to read your comments again in the future. Take care:)

Hawk aka BrownDog said...


Followed you back to discover this beautiful poem. Thank you.

BrownDog's Human

Sihirli Yazılar said...

BrownDog's Human, thanks indeed and hope to see you here again in the future.

Shockgrubz said...

That's some great skill. Thanks for translating that poem.

Jane The Booklady said...

Hello Sihirli,
I glad I have discovered your blog and poems. I read a lot of English poetry but am woefully ignorant of other countries' writers. I shall enjoy following you!
Best wishes

Sihirli Yazılar said...

Welcome Shockgrubz... Thanks for your nice words. Let's keep in touch:)

Sihirli Yazılar said...

Jane, thanks indeed. All of these translations are just for introducing Turkish writers and I'll be happy if I can reach my goal. Nice to meet you and to follow your blog:) Take care.

Aguilar Elliot said...

great picture to match the tone and feel of the poetry.

Sihirli Yazılar said...

Thanks Aguilar Elliot... I've especially chosen this sad clown picture for this poem.

Taner said...

Umutsuz bir durum gibi gozuksede ozellikle biz Turkler aski biraz baharatli seviyoruz, hep ask hikayelerimiz, ulasilamayan, zorluklarla mucadele ciftlerin hikayesi, unutulmamasi gereken farkli bir boyutu var, ask bir takim oyunu, bireysel becerilerin hic bir ise yaramaz, Coskun'la Leyla'dan nasil bir hikaye cikardi mesela, Mecnun, Leyla varliklarini birbirlerine borclular, bende ayni fikirdeyim, senin olumune durdugun yerde kahve molasi bile vermiyorsa biri, oradan canhiras uzaklasmak en iyisi, zaten o da bunu hic haketmemistir.

Sihirli Yazılar said...

Taner Bey; acaba milletçe aşktan çok acı çekmeyi mi seviyoruz? Öyle ki acı çektirmeyen aşkı aşktan bile saymıyoruz? Hak etmeyen kişilere sevgi ve saygı göstermenin anlamsız olduğunu düşünmüşümdür hep. Düpedüz zaman ve emek kaybı. Hak edene göstersinler ki değerini bilsin, takdir etsin.

Jyoti Joshi Mitter said...

No words to say ! overwhelming!

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