Jul 14, 2011

It Was Snowing in Istanbul

79's winter,
Hard and cold,
It was snowing in Istanbul.
Coal was being fired in stoves
There were policemen and watchmen at nights
And also us
We were deadly cold
It's not a lie that policemen were cold, too.
I was 16 years old
I had a strong wrist to defeat everything
I was 16 years old
I was exposed like a lion 
I was man enough to write
poems for you by day in the back page of my geography notebook
and "Damn it!" at nights on the walls to rescue my country.
I was 16 years old
Neither you knew about my poems 
nor someone perished 
because of my letters which I drew on the neighborhood walls. 
I was 16 years old
It's not a lie
I began writing in this way
My geography notebook became an innocent victim of a secondhand dealer
The walls on which I cryed out
were ruined one by one.
Now I'm writing on beautiful papers 
I'm talking big
I knew marches
I read books
I passed through the waters by running without getting wet
I loved Istanbul
I loved you
I learned prayers
I was collected in the squares and shouted 
I was as everybody
Brave as much as everybody
Coward as much as everybody
Handsome as much as everybody
And native of this place as much as everybody
79's winter,
Hard and cold,
It was snowing in Istanbul.
Steam was coming out from our mouths while were were talking
We were being collected behind the Golden Horn
The night was absorbing man
We were absorbing the night 
I was the best at writing on the walls
So everybody loved me
But I was writing the best poems, too
in the back page of my geography notebook
Nobody knew this 
I was writing "Damn it!" on the wall of your house
and running away quickly
But I couldn't write "I love you"  
on the wall of your house for once.
'Cause such things were not used to be written on those days 
As I said,
79's winter,
Hard and cold,
It was snowing in Istanbul.

Translated by Sihirli Yazılar 

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Anonymous said...

"ve kar yagardi Erzurum'a, bembeyaz, lapa lapa
çünkü kar yağardı bembeyaz
çünkü karın temizliği yüreklerimize vurmuştur"

Boş ver be Beyhan, biz gene yetmişdokuz yıllar gibi yaşıyalım ya..:)
Şimdi kolayca yazılıyor duvarlara çünkü sevgi iki kuruş para yapmıyo artık.Walla ne yazarım nede soylerim, demode olmaya tercih ederim.
Alnayan zaten alnar, ne gerek var ki?:))
Kar'da yağmıyo artık...

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Sihirli:
How wonderfully this poem captures the unrelenting cold of a fierce winter and young love's attempt to flourish. How well one can identify with the 16 year old when one is concerned about everyone and evrything in one's first quite desperate attempts to be an individual!

Sihirli Yazılar said...

Jane and Lance, yes, this poem succesfully combines a young person's struggle to individuate with Turkey's last year before the Sep.1980 military coup. A young, lefty (antigovernmental) man who couldn't have a chance to live his love in the coup atmosphere... Maybe love has to be lived out in every condition, not to be frustrated later, who knows?
Thanks indeed.

Sihirli Yazılar said...

O kadar duvarlara "kahrolsun" yazmış da bir sevdiğini yazamamış, söyleyememiş diye içinde kalmış şairin. Darbe öncesi kritik zamanlar bunlar. Aşkın sırası değilmiş; ertelemişler..
Aşkı duvarlara falan yazmaya gerek yok tabii. Nerene yazarsan yaz, bir gün bitecektir:) Ondan sonra bir de silmekle uğraşacaksın.

Gardener in the Distance said...

I feel the young man here, Sihirli, is a survivor, that he won't give up expressing his love and looking for it. He deserves to survive for having courage.

Sihirli Yazılar said...

Faisal, as you say, he has no intention to give up expressing his love so that although he couldn't have a chance to do this in the past, he does in his poem now:)
Thanks, I always enjoy reading your comments.

oyumben said...

İstanbul'u seviyorum.
Karlı da karsız da. :)

Sihirli Yazılar said...



Paramparça bir kelime.

Ortasından deniz geçer.

Onu sevmek yürek ister...

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