May 2, 2011

Love Is Communist

Classless, borderless, out of season.
Love is the most humanistic sense of human. 

Neither language nor religion-sect,
Nor white nor black-yellow,
Neither this nor that,
Neither rich nor poor,
Neither landlord-pasha nor herder...
Love has no borders between the continents.

Even if capitalistic sentences blacken
and mostly hit it,
Being the most humanistic sense of human,
It cuts across all the classes and boundaries...

Even if the system
which plots against even the proletarians
imposes its own taboos,
Love escapes from the palace,
The walls of the classes are collapsed.  
Gold, silver, coin..
Anger has a materialistic voice
And it shouts afterwards: "No way!"
"Rich boy, poor girl"
"Poor boy, rich girl"
For building up the class walls again,
It sings capitalistic wailings deeply:
"Birds of different feathers can't flock together"
"Birds of different feathers can't flock together"

One fine day,
Another time,
Still in its own season,
Love comes with its most communist mood, 
For hitting the decayed capitalism at the middle of its heart,
For destroying the borders which describe the life,
For wiping out all the classes as youngsters, elders etc.
Love is the most humanistic sense of human. 
Out of season... Classless... Borderless... Ageless...
The ones who lose the ability of thinking 
because of the pressure 
consisted of the interval between the classes
punish love:
"You, fortune hunter!"
And the ones who are imprisoned in their class coverings,
landlords, masters, emergency pashas
shout again loudly:
"So what? Should we feed them instead of hanging?!!" 
But it's no use
closing the stable door 
after love's horse has bolted!

By the most humanistic sense of human
Out of season, classless, borderless...

Because love is communist.
the most humanistic sense of human
is communist. 



Translated by Sihirli Yazılar

6 yorum:

Anonymous said...

Thank you to translate Beyhan:)
Emeğine sağlık.Bir-iki gün sonra alırım bunu senden, izin verirsen tabi:))

Sihirli Yazılar said...

İzin ne demek Gabi, çok memnun olurum.

Carmen Troncoso said...

It is a very original poem, huges for you, from Chile,

Sihirli Yazılar said...

Thanks Carmen. Hope to see you here again. Love to Chile..

Anonymous said...

It is a lovely poem ,Thank you soo much for posting such beautiful works of art.
From New York,Susan

Sihirli Yazılar said...

Thanks, Susan... And greetings to New York.

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