May 29, 2011

Hey Joe!

You know this
The last footstep being heard and the iron door being closed after you 
Are you going out this time or in again?
It's not being understood from the song
It's not being understood, Joe. 
The detective days of our youths
The names we've faked up in our own novels
As if those novels are true but our experiences are untrue

Hey Joe!
Are you there? 
Are you behind the door? 
Are you hiding as usual? 
Are you someone else everytime you come? 
Are you hiding from your dreams as you always do everytime you come?   
Are you really there?
Come out towards the light, come here, I'm willing for all your games. 

How many times I cheated you in parks at nights with the names I've forgotten
I learned fidelity by betrayal
How many times I glanced at the eyes of fear on the surface of your knife 
Nobody can kill me from now on

Much time passed over everything and everyone
Life is on loan, deserted and distant. We're the heritages of eachother's songs, Joe
How many people are we now,
From the youth at the station of looking at the sky?
I'm still inviting you to a way
Call this either belief or despair
Your whistle bleeded my lips
I've never forgotten, never forgotten 
Whenever I fall down into darkness, I give your whistle

I loved you mostly when your knees trembled, Joe. 

Come out of your hiding place, Joe.
Come out of where you are. Even if this is not death, look, I'm being lost
I became tired of your backups that I've wasted time with while waiting for you 
They are reading the story I've written for you wrong each time
"If only Joe were here now" I'm saying
"If Joe were here now, ..." I'm saying
Sometimes I'm calling your name loudly in the crowd or in somebody's arms
Sometimes I'm calling out to you by opening the window as if you're passing through the street
Everybody else is looking upwards
"He went" I'm saying by smiling
"I couldn't catch him, he went" 
Did you really go, Joe? Or you never became here with me? 
Come out of your hiding place, Joe. 
Let's play a few games of many stories I've saved for you. 

None of journeys is like former but 
Maybe we can really go somewhere this time
In this new period of our life,
I don't call you "Hey Joe!" anymore, we find another song for ourselves...
Look, here I am! 
What about you, Joe?  

Come out of your hiding place
I've been exhausted and tired of waiting
Sometimes I think
Did you really exist or a song's memory faked you up?
Nothing looks like our youths which belong to us now more than they did in the past
I don't know if we can remember eachother even if we meet again,   
When we are both someone else now.
But still as you like, Joe, as you like. 
We were fine in that way. Think about this for once if you want. 

Original Poem HEY JOE! 
Translated by Sihirli Yazılar

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Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Sihirli:
What we enjoy about visiting you is the way in which we can appreciate, in this case a poem, things with which we would normally not discover.

Sihirli Yazılar said...

Jane and Lance, thanks indeed. Sometimes even a poem is enough to discover different things. I and my translations from Turkish poets' literacy works are here to introduce you a world which is completely different for you. Thanks again for your visit and nice comment.

Anonymous said...

Çok güzel bir şiir Beyhan. Beni şaşırtan başka bir şey bilirmisin? Bu şiir ucu açık bir ruyadır ve onu çeviren bir gerçekçi. Nasıl bir seçim bu? Yoksa sendemi artık ruya görmeye başladın?:))
Tekrar hoş geldin, aslında gece okudum fakat başım çatlıyodu walla, yorum yazmadim:)))

Sihirli Yazılar said...

Mungan yazmış, ben çevirdim işte Gabi:)

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

I like this poem.

Thanks for the translation.


oyumben said...

Ruhun kelimelerle çağlaması...

Sihirli Yazılar said...

Mike, thanks indeed. I'm happy to be able to share something with people whose native language is English.

Sihirli Yazılar said...


Çevirmediğim bölümlerde ruh kelimelerle daha da fazla çağlıyor aslında:)

Yaz Blogcu said...

Sihirliyazilar Hi,
Turkish literature, your blog is beautiful. My English is not very good, just so reviewed.
Good luck. Hi and affection

Sihirli Yazılar said...

Recep abicim, bu ne sürpriz! Sizi burada görmek beni nasıl mutlu etti bilemezsiniz. Bu yeni bloğumda da desteğinizi almış gibi hissettim kendimi. İngilizceniz hiç de fena değilmiş ayrıca...
Burada Türkler olarak kendi aramızda Türkçe yorumlaşıyoruz. Genellikle Türkler, netten çevirdiğim şiirin Türkçe'sini buluyor, onun üzerine Türkçe yorum yapıyorlar. Yani Türkçe de yazabilirsiniz isterseniz. Yabancılar İngilizce, İspanyolca, İtalyanca vs. yazıyorlar. Her telden çalan bir blog oldu burası:)
Ziyaret, yorum ve desteğiniz için gönülden teşekkürler.

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