Apr 16, 2011

The Last Word

Appreciate that water
which goes through your throat fluently.
Don't say "What's this blueness?",
Appreciate the sky
up to the part you can see through the window.
Appreciate the blooming almond tree.
Appreciate the sunny room, the muddy street,
white, black, green and pink.
Liveliness is such a thing in heart
that flutters happily.
Daydreams are for man.
Human being gets angry, rages and makes war.
Appreciate the delight mixed with fear and rage  
in the war which is entered for people.
Know that 
this is so.  
The sun warms only the livings.
Appreciate the sun.

Original Poem SON SÖZ Written by OKTAY RIFAT HOROZCU
Translated by Sihirli Yazılar

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