Apr 19, 2011

Hygienic Loves

* Poets don't like good weathers. They are children of rain. Good weathers don't help special poets. Just remember Orhan Veli's perdition. And now think about your present planned love caricatures. 
Everything has been lived before. We take the second hand cheapness in used relationships for love...
Today's loves are at a rate of fast food.  A pretty slowness which is lost in speed. We were slower formerly. We were talking and loving by infusing. We were not making love instantly. We were properly waiting for July to eat watermelon... 

We were hurrying up for the lonely breakfasts being followed by the crowded nights. We were making contacts flavoured as oil-free white cheese. We were loving. We were loving the love. We were demanding to rain while walking hand in hand. Whenever it rained over "love", we were thinking it as "amour". We were not caring about hygiene. The spots on lily sheets were maps of our loves. Which one is us, which one is the junior land, we were getting it by them... A new social circle consisting of doubt, responsibility, restlessness and circumspection. And the rusty sluggishness of knowing a situation at first. These are what we only have now. We aren't beginning anymore the lovemakings which have definite ends. The smell makes us move away. Our smells are enemy to each other. We care about hygiene and our sheets are gummy-white. Those pretty spots were left in our hearts...

* Doing a favour is easy. Doing evil needs skill. To be good, it's enough not to harm anybody. But you must work harder to be bad!

* I loved so much that we couldn't find a place to put so much love in our relationship. Our biggest problem was already this. The inside of our relationship was full of many nonsense things... Anger, jealousy, offending sentences to be used in the leadership race, small lies, big lies, medium sized lies, lies which turned to "bed" when they were exposed... The inside of our relationship was overcrowded. There was no place to put our love in.

* Welcome, my dear ex lovers. I accept that love was the meeting of the two lovers bordering on evil with passion. It was tiring and dangerous. How much a relationship goes deep, wounds are kept in so much depth.

* I regret every spring
   My springs are deceived by the sun.
   I give in the dimples of a wanton laugh.

* The common point of all the revolutions in the world is that they pick a quarrel first and then they constantly begin to ask for the peace later.    

* Leftists buy newspapers, rightists publish newspapers.

* Bad people are daring, good people are diffident.

* Some of us go, some of us stay. Gloom for all of us.

 * It's certain that the evolution of humen still lasts. But may not be always from monkeys. I saw a lot of men who have come from oxes.

* Whenever men give up inventing miracles from their arses, they will see thousands of miracles in front of their eyes.  

Translated by Sihirli Yazılar

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Anonymous said...

İyi havaları sevmez şairler.
Yağmur çocuğudur onlar…
İyi havalar iyi gelmez has şairlere…Orhan Velinin “mahfını” hatırlayın…Ve şimdiki planlı hijyenik sevda karikatürlerinizi düşünün.
Ve şimdiki sevdalanmalar fast food hızında…Hızın içinde yitirilen güzelim bir yavaşlık…
Daha yavaştık eskiden…Demleye demleye konuşuyor, seviyorduk…Hemen sevişmiyorduk…Karpuz yemek için efendi gibi temmuz ayını bekliyorduk.

Bugüne bak.Gençlerin düşünceler ne kadar hormonlu.Bakiyom da hiç organik bir şey kalmadı.

Emeğine sağlık Beyhan,teşekkürler.

Sihirli Yazılar said...

En başa bu bölümleri de ekleyeyim, çok güzel cümleler var burada.

oyumben said...

Yağmur çocuklarının en sevdikleri şey; ölmek pahasına yağmaktır...

Sihirli Yazılar said...


Yağmur olmadan birşey yazamıyorlar demek ki:)

Anonymous said...

He he:))
Hava bozuk olunce ne yapar insan? Evde durup ya parayı sayar, ya da (para olmayanlarda) şiir yazar.
Sobanın başında olurdu bu iş eskiden.Şimdi kaloriferler var, ondan küresel kokuyö şiirler,iki kuruş para etmez.

Sihirli Yazılar said...

Eskiye ait herşey daha güzel zaten. Eski zaman aşkları, şarkıları, şiirleri, bayramları, doğa vs. Güzel olan herşeyi büyük bir hızla tüketmişiz, yazık.

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