Jan 28, 2013

They Made Me a Poet by Force

I laughed, they made me cry!
I loved, they deceived me!
I hugged, they left me!
Friends and the beloved ones...
May they live long but...
They made me a poet by force!

Translated by Sihirli Yazılar 

Apr 29, 2012

Man Should Have a Wife

Man should have a wife
so that his heart should overflow while looking at her,
from his eyes into hers...
Man should have a beloved wife
so that he should thank God
when he wakes up and sees her next to himself in the morning,
he should smell her hair by looking fondly at his sleeping wife
and touch gently at her face.

Man should have a wife
to be able to feel her existence,
his fingers should tremble by fearing of hurting her,
his heart should be a constant splashing fountain...
He should get cramps in his stomach
whenever he thinks of staying without her. 

Man should have a wife
so that the wind should bring her smell, the rain her voice.
His hands should yearn for holding her hands,
his heart should flutter to see her in the evening
being like butterflies. 
She should get her feet tangled up with excitement
during his coming back.
Waiting for him should seem too long,
her heart should fill with lights when he comes.

A man should have a wife
so that she should feel his sorrow 
without even talking when she looks at his face,
also his grief, anger, joy and enthusiasm...
She should trust him completely
and sleep calmly by putting her head on his breast,
quiting from all her thoughts.
He should be her father, brother, friend, intimate, mother, child...
He should be able to get spoiled near her.
He should be envied at times...

Man should have a wife
so that she should sadden
when she sends him to work in the morning.
She should begin to miss him almost in course of sending.
"I've already now missed you!!!"     

Man should have a wife
so that she should eagerly wait for his coming back in the evening,
await impatiently
and open the door before he knocks...
She should welcome him with love,
give a hug with longing,
smell and kiss with yearning
as if they have stood apart for years!

Man should have a wife
so that every day of life should be further beautiful with her,
further special
and he should further rest every moment. 
He should be grieved by thinking
that nothing he has given can be enough for her,
he should think what he can do more.

Man should have a wife
whom he loves, protects and
does not have the heart to harm
as if he has reserved a place in heaven...
Man should have a wife
so that love should gush out from his every cell
and he should feel ocean in desert with her.  

I will love you until death... Rubbish!
I won't die as long as I love you...

Written by CAN YÜCEL 
Translated by Sihirli Yazılar 

Dec 20, 2011

About A Young Man

A foursquare room
on the top floor
of a vertically single house.  
The windows without curtains. 
The starred nights outside the windows.   
The young man has leaned his forehead to the pane.
I, the author of the novel, am saying to the young man:
---- My young man! 
Look carefully at the stars,
Maybe you cannot see them again.
Maybe you cannot strech your arms
like horizons
in the light of the stars again.

My young man! 
The inside of your brain
is beautiful, horrible, powerful and good
like the starred darknesses. 
The stars and your brain
are the most wonderful things of the universe. 

My young man!
You will either drop dead at a corner
by bleeding from your brow,
or perish on a gallows. 
Look carefully at the stars. 
Maybe you cannot see them again. 

My young man!
Maybe you've understood me,
maybe not. 
I'm shutting up. 

There the door was being opened.
The expected woman came. 
"Did I make you wait too long?"
But never mind..."

The woman
caught the young man's hand.
The young man caught the woman's waist. 
He broke the pane at a stroke.
They sat inside the windows. 
Their feet hang down inside the night...
The night is burning
over their heads, at the right, at the left
like a bright seabed. 
Their feet are hanging down into the dark spaces. 
Their feet are hanging.
Their feet are hanging...
.....THEIR LIPS....

Love is a wonderful affair, my young man. 
Love then, let's see...
Whereas you have a bright night in your mind,
I'll allow you to have it. 
as much as you can...

* In memory of Deniz Gezmiş, the leftist reformer, who was executed in 1972 together with his two close friends. 

Dec 17, 2011

This Is Such A Love

Your naked and wet breath
is shuttling on my back. 
We're not sleeping together.
Not living, either.
We're always racing
so that
you or me,
who will kill the death first.

Original Poem BU DA ÖYLE BİR AŞK 
Written by CAN YÜCEL
Translated by Sihirli Yazılar
Picture: Zdzisław Beksiński (1984 oil painting)

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